Millennium Recruiting Wants You to Appreciate Your Team

At Millennium Recruiting, we know that when you recognize your team, everyone wins. Though it is useful to acknowledge notable achievements when they happen, leaders who establish recognition programs enjoy increased group efficiency and creativity. Here are some ideas on how you can make team appreciation part of your culture:

  • Seize the Moment: Rather than waiting for a special event, speak up when you see something great. At the end of a meeting, tell an individual you were impressed with his or her pitch, or send an email which applauds a salesperson’s impressive deal.
  • Publicize Accomplishments: Create an internal blog which highlights major accomplishments. Use company meetings as a way to publicly recognize individuals for their significant contributions. At Millennium Recruiting, we have our own news feed!
  • Link Achievements to Values: Showcase actions that reinforce your company’s values. For instance, you might talk about a person who performed outstanding service by going beyond his or her job duties to help a customer.
  • Schedule Recognition: Make time on your agenda to recognize a team member for his or her endeavors. If you haven’t noticed anything, you are not paying attention!

If you want to nurture a setting which focuses on recognition, you must build it into your firm’s daily activities. Our team at Millennium Recruiting hopes these tips will give you the tools you need to fully appreciate your team members, which will enable them to thrive.

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