Millennium Recruiting Wants You to Look Beyond the Resume

Though a resume gives you an overview of an applicant’s experience, it doesn’t give you the entire picture. That’s why we at Millennium Recruiting use other methods to look for outstanding contributors. Here are some things that enable us to look beyond the one-dimensional, textual profile:

First, we examine the application submitted with the resume. Did the candidate submit a personalized, well-written cover letter? Did the individual follow up with a phone call or an email a few days later? If it appears that the person fired off a generic email without making an effort to stand out, this individual is probably not a serious candidate.

During the interview process, it’s fine to ask the standard interview questions. However, you should give yourself the opportunity to see how the candidate will perform in the new positon. For instance, have the person participate in a mock customer service call, or have him or her respond to a sample internal email. It’s important to see if this individual will fit into the company’s culture, so invite the applicant to spend time with the team to see if the chemistry is right.

At Millennium Recruiting, we value references as part of our hiring process. In addition to verifying a candidate’s work experience, we like to inquire about the intangibles, such as whether the individual has a sense of humor, or if he or she had a messy office. Did the applicant participate in the company’s social activities? Getting the answers to these questions helps us understand more about the applicant.

Next time you are looking to fill a position, think beyond the resume. Here at Millennium Recruiting, we know building a successful team requires more than a person who has list of skills.


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