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What other people thought about the service provided by Jobify

You have the such a solid process for finding talent and delivering qualified applicants to our business. Since we started working with Millennium, we have never been understaffed. Thank you!

This is the best recruiting service I have ever used! I consistently receive applications from the type of people I look to hire.

We have seen a steady stream of great applicants come through our doors with your help. The Millennium team is always friendly and ready to help with any of our requests – it is refreshing to work with a team that get’s it!

Thank you so much Millennium Recruiting for helping me find my dream job! It was so easy to work with you and your team – you guys really took the time to understand my careers goals and place me in front of companies that were the right fit.

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Millennium Recruiting Wants You to Look Beyond the Resume

Though a resume gives you an overview of an applicant’s experience, it doesn’t give you the entire picture. That’s why we at Millennium Recruiting use other methods to look for outstanding contributors. Here are some things that enable us to look beyond the one-dimensional, textual profile: First, we examine the application submitted with the resume.

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Millennium Recruiting Wants You to Create Strong Relationships

Research has shown that establishing strong relationships at work promotes job satisfaction and overall well-being. Our specialists at Millennium Recruiting have noted that people who have meaningful bonds with their peers, managers, and customers tend to have better personal and professional experiences. How do you establish this level of satisfaction? Here are some recommendations: Keep

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Millennium Recruiting Wants You to Appreciate Your Team

At Millennium Recruiting, we know that when you recognize your team, everyone wins. Though it is useful to acknowledge notable achievements when they happen, leaders who establish recognition programs enjoy increased group efficiency and creativity. Here are some ideas on how you can make team appreciation part of your culture: Seize the Moment: Rather than

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